Sponges are one of the simplest animals on our planet — they have no organs, blood, or even tissues. they’re essentially a group of different cells that are clumped together and work together to feed and reproduce.

They can reproduce in two ways: sexually and asexually. In sexual reproduction, they release sperm into the water in hoping that it will land inside another sponge and fertilize an egg cell. All sponges are hermaphrodites( both genders), meaning that they can produce both egg and sperm, but they can’t fertilize themselves, but in asexual reproduction, a small sponge will grow off the side of the parent sponge in a process called budding. Some species will bud internally by packing the new sponge cells  which are released into the water when the parent sponge dies. All sponges that are produced asexually are exact clones of the parent sponge. They can also reproduce asexually by a piece of the sponge would break off and grow. Those are the ways the sponges reproduce.


Sexual Reproduciton

Asexual Reproduction